3 years for a killing a mother andinjuring her toddler

Seems a little short, no. I know I'm getting older because law and order appeals work on me, but I'd like to see this guy get 20-30 years for what he did.

I'd like people sitting around a bar to say, remember Dragan Gorgijevski? He's rotting in jail until he dies ... (though he's still better off than the woman he killed or her boy he maimed and left severely disabled.)

3-Second Film Review -- There will be blood

There will be oil. There is oil. There is a son. There is no blood. There is lots of blood.

3-second movie review -- Michael Clayton

A brilliant litigator can no longer defend an evil corporation, which responds evily.

3-second movie review -- Dan in Real Life

Sharing a house over Thanksgiving with a girl you love and cannot have.

Rubber, meet road -- Twitter finds a use.

Student's Twitter messages alert world to arrest in Egypt.

Blockbuster and Circuit City

iTunes is to iPods what U2 concerts were to U2 albums.

But Circuit City is to Blockbuster what Startbucks is to emergency room coffee machines.

Best Calvin & Hobbes evar

the world before colour.

Gravatar = Globally Recognized AVATAR (≠ gravity guitar)



Obama's Grandparents

Madelyne Dunham et al.

No Country for Old Men -- 3-second movie review

Pure evil is relentless, and it wants the $2 million you took.

Change blindness

An analytical blind spot.