Entropy does not apply to the diffusion of knowledge.

Take that David Suzuki!

Actually, I love David Suzuki, and I could really care less that he consults to Wal Mart. But I'm studying Paul Romer and new growth theorists and these guys have really got the economy figured out. Innovation and knowledge (also admired by Florida and Roger Martin at Rotman, U of T) drive all economic growth. You don't need more plants. You don't need more roads. Okay, you sort of do, but that gets you to Canada in 1950. Innovation, unlike matter or energy, cannot be destroyed. You can't unthink what you thunk. And all thinking is based on the sum of all previous thinking (ie. knowledge).

So if you want to make a plant, it's about as difficult as the last time you made a plant. Take a chess board and put a penny on the first square. Then two on the second, four on the third, 16 on the fourth and so on = more pennies than matter on Earth. Now, instead of cash, think knowledge.

Take that entropy.