Radian6 -- social media monitoring

I guess they're reading this.

'Cause that's what Radian6 does; it reads tiny little blogs (and big ones), and all other manor of social media, finding what people say about its clients. I would have thought you could just do this with google, technorati and maybe a few phantom flickr and facebook accounts. Maybe they do? But they hint that they have a substantial back end.

This is a nice article as it doubles as both a look at where social media meets PR, and it profiles the unique strategy Radian6 used to launch their start-up. They gave it away for free to a small, local sub of a global PR firm, in exchange for feedback (and cred.) It worked brilliantly.


September 26, 2008 at 12:04 AM Marcel LeBrun said...

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for writing about us and sharing your thoughts on the article in the Globe & Mail. Indeed, our platform is more than search; it provides brands with the ability to track/listen in real-time to a very broad set topics and sites, as well as providing tools to analyze the conversations including surfacing hot topics, identifying active online communities, measuring social media metrics around a campaign, or performing influence analysis, for example. We also provide interaction management features which helps agencies and brands track and coordinate their engagement and participation online.

September 26, 2008 at 7:03 PM Cari said...

We are starting a buzz marketing company that is very similar to Radian6, except we focus more on smaller companies. We find and join online conversations that are relevant to your company and industry. We are also developing a consumer version of our software that allow companies that can't afford the full service to self serve. Check us out: Buzz.io