Articulate the Obvious

"I am not happy" -- a banal statement in some cases; such as when situated at the end of a CostCo cashier's lineup. But also a powerful statement for a person who has acted happy for many years, and suspects that, in fact, they are not.

I believe it is important to articulate the obvious. I think it's very powerful to share one's ideas with another, notional person. Articulation is likely a level of thinking that differs from real "thought" ... the latter being like intuition. Maybe this post should be titled, "Articulate your intuition."

Regardless, telling someone, or writing down statements like, "i hate this country's weather," "I am very good at sports, " and, "everyone is racist, to some degree,"are, in my opinion, very different from holding such thoughts in your brain. Intuit, articulate, actualize ... perhaps that's the path from the rational to the empirical.