Hydro One latest exec to quit after overspending.

It's a funny comment on human nature. This guy's been the top dog at Hydro One for four years; he earned $1.6 million last year. Stands to reason he could expect another few million in the years to come.

But, he may have also spent $45,000 on his secretary's credit card, possibly using her card to avoid detection, as his own corporate card would have been scrutinized. Now, he's out of a job.

It's such an odd comment on human nature. Imagine if you sat at a roulette wheel, and you realized that 99 per cent of the spots were black, but normal odds were offered. You bet and you win. You bet again and you win. You continue winning millions of dollars. Then, you order champaign for the dealer and charge it to some poor schleb's room. Then you get caught and can never bet again.