Ryan 'rounder?

I first heard of Ryan Air in 1999. The buzz was that you could fly most places in Western Europe for a pound, plus taxes, if you booked far enough in advance. I didn't think it would take off (ha). Apparently it has .

So I wonder, since it is possible to take seven flights in seven days for about seven dollars (okay, maybe $100 total), will people begin to make a sport out of flying around Europe for no other purpose than to fly? It's not like the flights offer much hospitality, but then neither does much listed in Lonely Planet books, and they seem to be selling okay.

Airport enthusiasts, flying enthusiasts and people who check things off their "TTD before I die" list are likely candidates to spend a week-off flying to Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Russia (again), Paris and home.

When I carved a big circle with my euro-rail pass in 1999, I learned I could save money on a bed by taking slow, all-night trains and finding fold-down chairs. A half-full Ryanair red eye to Moscow might be the equivalent.

So, will the popularization of the Ryan 'rounder come true? I'll bet you a buck it will.